Sunrise India


Surgical Drapes


Laparoscopy Drape


PCNL Drape Eco


Plain Sheet Surgical Drape

Facial Protection


Face Mask Ear Look- Elastic


Face Mask With Tie- Ribbon


Face Mask Ear Look- Elastic

Head Wear


Surgeon Cap with Elastic


Round Nurse Cap With


Bouffant Cap

Hand Protection


Latex Examination Glove


HDPE Poly Examination Glove


LDPE Poly Examination Glove

Foot Wear


LDPE Poly Long Shoe Cover


LDPE Poly Short Shoe Cover


Non Woven Long Shoe Cover

Medical Aprons


HDPE - LDPE Poly Apron


PVC Apron with Piping


Non Woven Apron

Protective surgical gown


Non Woven Coverall Suit


Soft Air Coverall Suit


Lab Coat

Pad Towels Accessories


Disposable Kellys Pad


OT Absorbent Towel


OT Hand Towel

Equipement Cover


Back Table Cover Reinforced


Mayo Stand Cover


Camera Cover

Surgeon kit


Surgeon Gown


Surgeon Cap


Non Woven Shoe Cover



Spunlace Long Non Woven Shoe Cover


HIV Surgeon Gown


Face Shield

Surgeon OT kit


Hood Cap


Surgeon Gown


Sterile Latex Glove

Maternity kit


Maternity Pad with Dripping Sheet


Gyanae Drape


Surgical Baby Sheet

Cesaream kit


Kelly's Pad


Surgeon Gown 3 Pcs


Laparotomy Sheet